Possible NRG Connection Seems Disproven

Thanks very much to Falknis for doing some extra digging which seems to have disproven a possible business connection between NRG and Industrial Heat.

To sum up:

IPH International BV is listed as an applicant on the most recent E-Cat patent application

On this site it is stated: “IPH International BV is a company that is owned by a foreign entity. The tophoudster abroad from IPH International BV: European Generating Sarl, located in L 2124 Luxembourg in Luxembourg”

A 2003 document showed European Generating S.a.r.l. was listed as a subsidiary of US utility NRG.

Today Falkins has reported this:

According to the company registry of Luxembourg (http://legicopylux.free.fr/) search for „European Generating“ in the original language as google translates also the company names) all shares of European Generating SARL have been sold by NRG International Inc. to Temmes Financial Services Ltd. on December 10, 2003.

On February 28, 2014 Temmes Financial Services Ltd. sold the participation in European Generating SARL to First Name Holdings (IOM), part of the conglomerate of First Name Group (http://www.firstnames.com).

In addition, Andre Blum discovered the following and posted it here today:

I used the paid service of the chambers of commerce to see if there is more info.

There isn’t, really.

Sole shareholder of IPH international BV is IPH Management LLC, 2140 South Dupont Highway, 19934 Camden, Delaware, USA.

Management is IPH Management LLC, and First Names (Netherlands) B.V., Keplerstraat 34, Badhoevedorp. I guess this is the firm offering these financial offshore services to foreign IP owners.

No persons on payroll.

Activities: SBI-code: 7740 – Lease van niet-financiële immateriële activa

Het verkrijgen, bezitten, overdragen, exploiteren en in licentie geven en verkrijgen van patenten, handelsmerken, auteursrechten, know-how en andere rechten van intellectuele eigendom.

(get, own, transfer, exploit and license patents, trademarks, copyrights, know-how and other rights of intellectual property).

placed capital: EUR 2.500

It seems to me then, that NRG is out of the picture in terms of having a documented business connection, even though I think it could be the kind of company that might be interested in the E-Cat in the future.