Nuclear Engineer Piero Andreuccetti on Prospects for LENR in the Energy Industry

Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding this interview by Vessela Nikolova with nuclear engineer Piero Andreuccetti, who is the Property and Technical Services Manager at CESI, a Milan (Italy) company which provides technical consulting services in the sustainable energy field.

The interview can be found on the E-Cat-The New Fire web site here:

Nikolova asks Andreuccetti about developments in the LENR field, and he provides an interesting perspective from someone working on innovation in the energy industry.

When asked if he thinks we’re on the edge of an LENR energy revolution Adreuccetti states, “Not yet on the edge, but something is going to happen in a few years. Because too many signs are starting to find their way to emerge from the realm of the so called ‘junk science’ and acquire a new dignity among mainstream researchers.”

Andreuccetti sees problems in developing LENR because he thinks that so far the science is not well understood, and power output in experimental systems is small (except for the E-Cat). He sees the need for public support of LENR R&D, but admits that academic opposition to the field is impeding government support for it.

Regarding the chance for replication of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, Andreuccetti thinks the most recent report could provide important information, but he makes an interesting point that Industrial Heat has already replicated Rossi’s E-Cat — even though it couldn’t be considered independent.

All in all, Andreuccetti seems to be positive regarding the prospects for LENR. He sees the E-Cat as a potential ‘exit strategy’ for tradition energy sources once it is shown to be ready for the marketplace. And when that time comes, he says, “my company won’t miss the market opportunity to forge and offer new, LENR related services.”