Dr. Stoyan Sarg to Address Nanotek & Expo 2014 on LENR

Canadian Physicist Dr. Stoyan Sarg has been invited to the 4th International Nanotek & Expo confererence to be held on Dececmber 1-3, 2014 in San Francisco, where he will be co-chair of the section Nanotechnology in Energy Systems. He will present a talk “Physical models of LENR processes using the BSM-SG atomic models”.

He will be also a keynote speaker on day 3 of the conference where he will present an address titled, “Graphical 3D modeling of molecules and nanostructures in sub-nanometer scale with the BSM-SG atomic models”. See here for an abstract.

Dr. Sarg tells E-Cat World:

“In the speech I will mention some important things from my last year’s talk that was recently published in the General Science Journal (http://gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Essays/View/5748)

“At the beginning it discuses the major methodological error in scattering experiments that leads to a tremendously wrong vision about the Coulomb barrier. As a result the quantum mechanical models of atomic nuclei and atoms are only mathematical. The physical models are completely different.

“In my new talk I will discuss also the nuclear process using the Lugano report material. When I use my BSM-SG models the process it is so evident and logical that I could say a peace of cake, but it is impossible to be inferred from quantum mechanical models.

“This process however appear different from the earlier reports by Rossi and Focardi, when they observed a copper in the ashes. I think that Rossi has more than one processes and perhaps keeps one as a secret.”