Michael McKubre, Hanno Essén and Others Participate in Norway Seminar to Discuss Possible LENR Alternative to Oil

There’s a very interesting article posted in Infinite Energy magazine written by Michael McKubre of SRI International where he describes a recent visit to Norway he made at the invitation of Nils Holme chair of a committee organized by the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA) and The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna) where he was asked to speak at a seminar held in Olso on November 5th on LENR.

McKubre reports that other speakers at the meeting were also Sten Bergman of Stone Power AB, Hanno Essén of KTH, Stockholm, and Øystein Noreng, Professor of the Norwegian Business School:

“Sten Bergman spoke about the LENR field from an energy industry perspective, Hanno Essén spoke about his experience with the various Rossi replications, I spoke about the 25 year history of cold fusion/LENR/CMNS at SRI, and the up-to-date status of Brillouin Energy’s latest technical progress, and Øystein Noreng spoke about economic and other challenges of bringing any kind of LENR technology to the marketplace.”

After each person spoke to the audience of about 60 people, they participated in a panel discussion, and this is when McKubre discovered the purpose of the meeting. He writes:

It was really only during the panel that the purpose fully emerged. Why was I there? NTVA and TEKNA had formed a committee, organized a symposium and invited participants with a specific purpose in mind. As I noted above, the economy of Norway is underwritten to a very large degree by the adventitious presence of oil and gas off their coast. Their civil society has become reliant on something that did not require a lot of work from most citizens. The question of course is what happens when the oil runs out or, unthinkably, what could happen if an alternative primary energy source were to become competitive with oil and gas as fuels? . . . The object was to inform the possibility that Martin Fleischmann was right (and, by implication, Randy Mills, Mel Miles, Francesco Piantelli, Les Case, Yoshio Arata, Andrea Rossi, Tadahiko Mizuno, Defkalion, Brillouin and a host of others afterwards). I believe what my hosts would like to see is at least one active, productive research project established in a Nordic country (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) that would allow this community to “pay to play” in the LENR/CMNS world and thus be prepared for any sudden advances. A secondary purpose would be to train young people to be the next leaders of any ensuing technology.

The whole article is very interesting and well worth reading. Here’s another example of how gradually the world seems to be waking up to the possibility that LENR could be a viable source of energy — I think curiosity is growing.