Economic Times (India) Makes Case for LENR Research

Thanks to Sanjeev for finding article in the Indian Economic Times written by science and technology writer Hari Pulakkat which looks at some the latest news and developments in the field of cold fusion/LENR.

Pulakkat mentions some of the controversies surrounding cold fusion and says that the field has no academic standing, but shows that despite this, there are dedicated researchers — even in the academic community — who are involved in serious research and development.

Some interesting news brought out in the article is that next month, the Indian science journal Current Science, published by the Current Science Association and the Indian Academy of Science, will have a special issue devoted to cold fusion/LENR. Also, the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore, India, will hold a special brainstorming session about LENR next February.

The quotes Mahadevan Srinivasan, former associate director of India’s Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) who states, “our energy situation is so terrible, that we should invest in LENR research even if there is only a 5 per cent chance of success.”

The article mentions Rossi and the E-Cat, Bill Gates visting ENEA, Robert Duncan, and Michael McKubre, among others. McKubre has a nice quote: ““We gave up trying to science this into something, and so we are now trying to build commercial products.” I think it’s fair to say that many who have seen compelling evidence for LENR, while disappointed by the response of the scientific world, are undeterred by the lack of validation. This is the story of scientific progress over the centuries; pioneers have to go it alone and lead the way, and eventually the mainstream catches up. We are seeing more and more evidence that there is some catching up taking place.