Silicon Carbide Three Phase Heating Element by SIC Industries Matches Data From Report [Update: Practical Joke Admitted]

The following comments were posted by Andreas Moraitis:

Thanks to cobraf, AlainCo & others:


Image from this document:

This SiC heating element seems to match perfectly the data from the report.

I’m not sure about the absolute values per wire, but the relationships are apparently correct. The resistance drops about 1/3.5 from 450 to 1200 deg C and remains then constant until 1400 deg C.

UPDATE: I heard from Andrea S. who has admitted this document was not genuine — see this message below:

Dear Frank,

As you probably suspected, there is no Sic Industries LLC, it is a little practical joke on some  Cobraf bloggers who were prompting me to assess feasibility of the three-fold resistance drop.
I  didn’t mean to make fun of you at E-Cat World, let alone the MFMP who is doing a fantastic job in the quest for truth: their investigation is key to understand whether the optical thermography  can be trusted.
I am not qualified to argue on that part. I have posted a critical review of the power input data of the TPR2 where I didn’t rule out the possibility of a nonlinear resistance as (tardively) claimed by Rossi, rather I showed that if one does assume this nonlinearity, then the infamous Figure 5 doesn’t match the expected pulsewidth.

Nevertheless I did give a look to the possibility that the dogbone may embed a SiC resistor. It is highly unlikely, but one willing to attempt a replication may use this datasheet as a requirements specification for a (real) resistor manufacturer.
Please forgive this little trick of mine.
Best regards,