Q & A with Michel Vandenberge of LENR-Cities, regarding Airbus Letter of Intent

Below are some questions I put to Michel Vandenberge, founder of LENR-Cities regarding news about a letter of intent signed between LENR-Cities and Airbus group.

1. When did you start speaking to the Airbus group?

Early this year.

2. How do they see the potential of LENR in their industry?

As regards this agreement, Airbus Group and LENR-Cities have agreed to jointly define any communication about LENR.

No comment today.

3. How can LENR-Cities help Airbus group adopt LENR in its operations?

No comment today.

4. What is the nature of the agreement in the letter of intent between LENR-Cities and the Airbus Group?

Public information have been disclosed (Excerpt from LENR-Forum):

“LENR-Cities was clear that, at this stage, the objective is to get the endorsement of Airbus Group so that industrialists know Airbus interest, to get them joining and working with the ecosystem”.

“Later Airbus Group might directly fund some projects.”

“The benefit to be involved in the Ecosystem, as Michel explains, is to anticipate impact of coming development, that is to say to mitigate risks, prepare the future, and to be part of an industrial ecosystem to address own needs.”

“Other information are confidential (Remind that a LOI is a private agreement. Excerpt from Wikipedia: “LOIs resemble written contracts, but are usually not binding on the parties in their entirety. Many LOIs, however, contain provisions that are binding, such as non-disclosure agreements or a covenant to negotiate in good faith”.”