New Poll — What Motivates your Interest in LENR?

Operating this web site is a very interesting and enjoyable activity, and one of the main reasons I have found it to be so is that the community of people who are paying attention to LENR is a very diverse and interesting one.

One thing that I have learned is that we are dealing with a topic here seems to engage people from wide variety of interests and backgrounds. If I was to try describe the profile of the typical reader, I’d have a difficult time, because there doesn’t seem to be a dominant philosophy or worldview represented among readers here.

One thing I have noticed from looking at traffic statistics is that we have a lot of repeat visitors, people who keep coming back to the site, and so there does seem to be quite a passionate interest among many people who are interested in LENR.

I thought it might be interesting to put up a new poll to get some kind of idea about what motivates people to continue to pay attention to this topic. In this poll, unlike most previous ones, you are able to pick up to two main reasons for your interest in the LENR story.

I have made the categories rather broad, so you may want to explain your choices by expanding on your responses in a comment.