Anomalous Electric Field Produced in Frozen Laughing Gas

Here’s an interesting article that has been referenced by MarkI-ZeroPoint on Vortex-l — Many thanks.

Rather bizarrely, an anomalous electric field had been discovered by researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark — in all places — in frozen laughing gas (nitrous oxide). An article on the website explains the strange discovery.

The researchers cooled nitrous oxide to minus 223 degrees Celsius, and it formed a thin solid film. When they hovered the film over a strip of gold, something very unexpected occured:

It was supposed to be a routine experiment, but the team soon realised something was amiss. A potential of around 14.5 volts appeared spontaneously on the film, which in turn produced an enormous electrical field of more than 100 million volts per metre. Based on widely accepted notions in physics, there should have been no electric current whatsoever.

The researchers tried to replicate the effect with other gases, such as carbon monoxide, propane and toluene, and were able to see a similar effect, but only when many layers of the substance were exposed above the gold strip (over 100 layers in the case of toluene)

I don’t know if this is connected with LENR, this is one of those times when it appears that the Universe might be laughing at us about our inability to understand really what is going on all around us!

A full report of the findings can be found in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics at this link:!divAbstract