MFMP to Work with Francesco Piantelli in Project Fedora [Update #4: Lab Revealed]

Yesterday the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project had been dropping hints about a Christmas present that they could share with the world, and today on their Facebook page and website they have announced ‘Prjoect Fedora’ which will involve working with Italian scientist Francesco Piantelli, a pioneer in the field of nickel-hydrogen LENR research, and former collaborator with the late Sergio Focardi.

They state:

Following over two years of reach out and a concerted effort this year, the MFMP is to work with the consummate scientist Francesco Piantelli, the Father of the Ni+H New Fire to realise our primary goal.

More details to follow…


One of the significant things about the MFMP working with Piantelli is he has been awarded a patent by the European Patent Office for his LENR process, and this legal protection could encourage Piantelli to share details about his work. Piantelli does have a company called Nichenergy — but there is little information available about the company’s activities. It has been reported (unconfirmed) that Piantelli is able to achieve considerable excess heat with his process, been able to create self-sustaining LENR cells that operate for months at a time.

If this is accurate, and if Piantelli is forthcoming with details about his work, there could be a real opportunity here for the MFMP to achieve their major goal, which is to demonstrate to the world unambigious excess heat from the New Fire.

UPDATE #4 (Dec 26, 2014)

A new post on the MFMP gives some new information about Francesco Piantelli’s lab, and some of the experiments he is running. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

There were several experiments running, one that we were told had been producing increasing nominal output from decreasing input since May! We did not get a chance to test the veracity of that claim ourselves, but it sure sounded positive. If we could see incontrovertible excess in an experiment that ran that long and get that rolled out internationally – we would achieve our primary goal and the New Fire would be officially lit we thought. We shall see.

There were 3 other cells of a different type hooked up, two of which were in various stages of an experiment but not yet producing excess heat apparently. These looked like the same type of Piantelli-Focardi cells in the article cited above ( where there are clear pictures detailed. I guess if it works – don’t fix it! It also says this of one of his experiments:

“Piantelli didn’t know how hot the experiment had gotten before he killed it because the monitor eventually blacked out. However, the metal thermocouples inside the cell melted. This told him that the temperature exceeded 1450 C.”

piantelli lab


MFMP have uploaded the first video of Project /Fedora\, which shows Mathieu Valat talking with Dr. Piantelli. Perceptive observers may be able to derive some clues from the handwritten notes they are discussing.

From YouTube: “Francesco Piantelli starts the process of direct knowledge transfer. No time wasted on irrelevancies. Respect.”


The picture below explains the name of the project:



I have been in touch with Bob Greenyer of the MFMP and he has explained that Piantelli is anxious for them to begin work with him, and the plan is for a MFMP team to start work in Italy with him in January. Bob wrote:

We have encouraged Piantelli and NicHEnergy to release any information covered by their patents and applications in many forums over the history of the project and more directly since early in 2014 as we built this relationship that is now yielding results. It is great that they are now moving along this path as we feel it is the best way to realise value for the investors in the IP.

Licensing is key, but documentation for potential licensees is extremely important and not trivial to produce. We have learnt from our experience with Celani and Ahern that it is all too easy to miss key elements necessary to yield desirable outcomes and given the critical urgency we cannot take any chances.

It is in the interest of all parties concerned that we capture the process in as much detail as possible to maximise take up of licensing of the technology.

We could spend years testing powders and be nowhere. Project /Fedora\ will hopefully enable us to shortcut to achieving our primary goal whilst at the same time enabling NicHEnergy to realise maximum value from their IP and establish Francesco Piantellis rightful place in history as the discoverer of the Ni+H New Fire.