Andrea Rossi on the Parkhomov Report

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, AlainCo posted a link to the recent report by Alexander G Parkhomov who has described achieving excess heat from a reactor based on Rossi’s Hot Cat used in the Lugano test.

This is Rossi’s comment

Thank you for the important information.
I do not know the particulars, therefore cannot comment, but it is possible that the so called “Rossi Effect” is replicable after the data published in the Report of Lugano.
Warm Regards,

I think it’s significant that Rossi labels the information ‘important’, and does not dismiss the report, nor make a typical comment on not discussing the work of his competitors. I think it could actually be a matter of satisfaction to Rossi to see his work being the center of attention from other researchers.

Rossi has said that the Lugano report in the form that was finally published, actually contained more information than Industrial Heat wanted to see released. My understanding is that the report sent to for release for publication (which they never have published) was apparently a shorter document, and I believe did not contain a lot of information about the composition of the fuel used in the Hot Cat.

So it turns Arxiv could have done a huge favor to the replication community by not publishing the report sent to them. Their refusal motivated the Levi team to publish the full document which contains a number of new clues about the Hot Cat, and which has motivated Parkhorov and others to try and replicate it.