MFMP Dog Bone Test (‘D B Day’) Live Thread

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Dog Bone Test is now being streamed live on the internet. I thought I would create a new post so we can keep track of this event in one place. It’s getting late in Europe, and it’s likely that the test will be going on for many hours, and it would be helpful if readers here could help other readers by commenting on significant aspects of the testing.

Here is a link to the MFMP’s Evernote feed where they share updates, images and other notes.

This is a link to HUGnetView site where the data stream will be posted:

Here’s a link to the MFMP Facebook page where they are also providing updates:

Below is the live Youtube stream showing the Dog Bone reactor.

This is live open science, folks — let’s enjoy the show, regardless of how things turn out. I think it’s fair to say that results could be positive or negative.