New Interview with Andrea Rossi on Vessy’s Blog

Vessela Nikolova has published a new interview with Andrea Rossi on her website E-Cat “The New Fire”.

For frequent readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics, there isn’t much in the way of new news about the E-Cat here from Rossi, but it is interesting to read his reflections on his life and work, and other interests which he discusses in this interview.

One thing I didn’t know before reading this interview was his admiration for Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin — medicine that Rossi took as a child for severe asthma. Rossi says Fleming was a role model for him, and he wanted to do work like his. Rossi was also a student of theatre directing as a young man, and helped start an experimental theatre.

Rossi also talks about his great respect and admiration for  his late partner Sergio Focardi, who he says, ” strongly believed in LENR and he was convinced that it was not necessary to look for exotic physics to explain them, it was enough to study well the existing Standard Model.”

When asked about competition, Rossi repeats his familiar refrain about not commenting about competitors. He says that he and his team at Industrial Heat are focusing on their work without any regard or concern for what competitors are doing, but he does give some words of praise when asked about Alexander Parkhomov’s recently reported replication attempt of the E-Cat:

“It is possible that, with the data published by the Third Independent Party in the Lugano Report, a replication of the effect is made. I do not know the particulars, therefore I cannot comment; but, if true, congratulations to the Russian Scientist”.

Looking forward to 2015, Rossi says he hopes to see the 1 MW plant “consolidated”, and the development of the natural gas-fired Hot Cat.