Your 2015 LENR Predictions

I was expecting for the holiday season this year to be rather quiet on the LENR front.

With the Lugano test report published and Andrea Rossi in a quiet period regarding the development of the E-Cat, it is likely we won’t get much significant news about Industrial Heat’s activities for quite some time. Rossi has mentioned a year-long run of his 1 MW Plant for testing purposes, which could conceivably take us into 2016 before the plant is revealed to the public.

However, there has been a surprising amount of activity in the waning days of the year. Since Christmas day we have learned about the MFMP’s invitation to visit Prof. Francesco Piantelli in Italy for an intensive period of study; the report of Prof. Alexander Parkhomov’s Hot Cat experiment has been published, and the first MFMP Dog Bone live open science experiment has been carried out.

So with 2014 ending on a bang, I thought I’d put up a thread for readers here to post their predictions for 2015. What do you expect to see in the world of LENR this year — and where might we be at this time next year?

Happy New Year to all ECW readers. Thanks for your interest, participation and all your support!