John Hadjichristos no longer at Defkalion — LinkedIn

Here’s an interesting little piece of information from LinkedIn which helps give us a bit of an idea of what might be the status of affairs Defkalion Green Technologies.

On John Hadjichristos’s LinkedIn profile, he lists his current employment position as Consultant at GAIA-EPEIXEIREIN, and his former employer as Defkalion Green Technologies, and says his term of employment was from October 2010 – October 2014. Since Hadjichristos was the Chief Technology Officer at Defkalion, this is an indication that Defkalion’s operations might be over.

The most recent communications from Defkalion have stated that the company is going quiet until they are ready to announce a commercial product. Their website has recently disappeared, and now this information from Hadjichristos makes me wonder if we will hear anything from them again. DGT’s CEO, Alex Xanthoulis, is not a scientist or a technician; Hadjichristos seems to have been the last remaining technical employee there.

It’s possible that they could regroup, but the signs do not seem to be pointing towards a lot of future activity on Defkalion’s part.