Rossi on the E-Cat’s Power Density: 10 kW per Liter (Monty)

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Rossi just wrote in his blog that they have a power densitiy of about 10kW per litre.

Seems like is still a bit behind a modern combustion engine…

Here’s the full comment from the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to a question from Robert Curto who asked Rossi about how much it would cost to provide power for 97,000 homes. (The Solana solar power plant in Arizona, cost 2 billion dollars, covers 2,000 acres, provides power for 97,000 homes)

Robert Curto:
It depends in the place: in Sweden, for example, the demand of heat is much higher than in Southern Italy…
I can give you our power density: about 10 kW/l, plus the heat exchangers.
The costs will be known after a massive production will have been started. Potentially 100 $/kW.
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