Announcement: Open Season for Editing the ECW LENR Knowledge Base (bug fixed)

I’ve decided to try an experiment with the E-Cat World LENR Knowledge Base. I have opened it up so that almost every page can be edited by anyone (like with Wikipedia). We’ve had a good start, with a number of articles started (see total pages here), and I think it’s time to see what would happen if we made it easier to edit. So when you look at most pages you’ll see an ‘edit’ tab at the top page — click there to edit. Conventions for editing in the Media Wiki environment can be found here:

I recognize this leaves the Knowledge Base open to trolls, vandals, etc., but there are ways to handle those kinds of situations with the software. If there turns about to be too much abuse to handle, then I’ll put up some morerestrictions — but since we are starting from scratch, and the site needs building up I thought I’d throw things open to the crowd to see if it might help with the development of the site a little faster.

If you want to register for an account you will still need to have me add you. When I opened up registration I started getting bots registering spam accounts — so just send me an email if you’d like to register an account ([email protected])

The guidelines for content creation can be found on the front page of the site ( — and those policies will be enforced via editing and moderation.

Note: if you want to start a new page, you first have to search for the page title you want to use. If the page does not already exist in the database, you will be prompted to start a new page.

Thanks to all who have helped so far, and all who will do so in the future!

Frank Acland