Thoughts on LENR Rollout (Omega Z)

The following post by Omega Z was first posted on this thread (lightly edited for spelling and punctuation)

OK, Many times I make posts that attempt to tamp down expectations.

Like Heating all the roads & highways: theoretically possible, though realistically unobtainable for many reasons.
E-cat powered cars: at least 20 years out. The technology just isn’t there & no matter how you crunch the numbers, It doesn’t work. Note that I also find battery powered vehicles questionable in it’s present technological state.
However, The E-cat, tho a long way from a fully mature technology, is fast approaching a maturity level where it can be used for fixed location heat & soon to follow electricity generation (a couple years).

As to the DECC [UK’s Secretary of the Department Energy and Climate Change] response, This is at least the 2nd I’m aware of from them & maybe the 3rd. It provides enough detail that we know that they are at least aware of LENR & probably watching more closely than we imagine. In fact, anyone paying attention knows there are MANY Countries watching closely.

It indicates the situation will or could change if/when it is peer reviewed by those in Mainstream Science with what appears to be a caveat, or If/When mass produced.

Well, we’re back to: The Market will decide — because until then, mainstrea Science isn’t going to accept it.
Sooo, if at the end of a year, if Rossi/Industrial Heats pilot plant proves viable, additional plants will be produced. DECC will start funding research to better understand LENR.

Too late, because at that point, industry will be pumping billions into research, development and marketing. It will be the scientists employed by industry or contracted by them in universities that will lead the way. They will progress far faster then any government funded research.

One thing that has been posted many times by many people that I agree with 100%. If just 1 Country has LENR, all others will jump on board or fall to their own peril.