Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat With New Experiment

A new post by Jack Cole on the LENR-Cold Fusion site reports on an apparently successful experiment to demonstrate excess heat from a reactor containing nickel powder, lithium hydroxide, aluminum powder, and iron oxide, with an apparent maximum gain so far of around 11 per cent. Jack has chosen this combination of materials to avoid using lithium aluminum hydride (used by Alexander Parkhomov) which can be dangerously volatile (can ignite when exposed to moisture, and highly toxic if inhaled or ingested.

Here’s a chart showing his results:


It’s good to see that Jack is being persistent with his experimentation — there certainly does seem to be intriguing data indicating the production of excess heat, and he plans to let the experiment continue to run and report on the results. He mentions that when he steps the power down to 10 watts input, the excess heat ceases, but above that level, the energy gain continues.