Parkhomov Updates Report with Some New Data, Images [UPDATE: Video of Reactor Posted]

Thanks to David Nygren for posting a link to an updated report by Alexander Parkhomov, expanding on his previous work. It’s in Russian, so non-Russian speakers will need to translate it.

There’s some more data in this report, along with some pictures. Here are the most interesting parts from my point of view. Parkhmov writes:

“The tables show results in the experiments. In addition to the experiments with reactors loaded a mixture of Ni + Li [AlH4], Carried out experiments with models of the reactor without fuel. In cases with models reactor, as well as with reactors with fuel a temperature below 1000 ° C, the ratio of the released heat to absorbed power
close to 1.”


I am presuming that the top table is the reactor loaded with fuel and the bottom one is the empty reactor (can’t translate the headings). We can see from the dates here that Parkhomov has been continuing to carry out new runs on his reactors since the first report.

Next are some images under the heading “The problem of uncontrolled local overheating”, where he provides pictures of broken reactors:

“Local overheating resulting in destruction reactor.”


“The main problem -short-term work reactors associated with destruction cause local overheating.”


So it’s good to get some more information, and to see that the results Parkhomov is reporting in new runs that seem to be consistent with his first report. I notice he did not provide new data of the fueled reactor heated as high as 1290C — where in December testing the highest COP was obtained. Maybe that’s because he didn’t want to destroy his reactors.

UPDATE: Below is a video of Parkhomov demonstrating and discussing his reactor (thanks Siriusman!):