Live Video Feed from MFMP, Feb 5th — Experiments Planned [Update #2: Bang! (in HD)

I am adding here a YouTube embedded video of a live feed from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. I chatted with Bob Greenyer and he explained upcoming tests that they plan to do:

Here’s what he said:

“Ryan and alan are putting fuel in 3 cores, one for a Parkhomov-style leak test in a glass jar, if that works – we will put a core in the SiC element.”

“We then have two GlowSticks one will be fueled and the other not I will post some images of the glowsticks
One will be a control for the other.”

“We hope to do two more live experiments, One will be the Parkhomov Leak test – if that works (ie no H2 is seen in the glass jar when we go to 200C – then we will show a radically easier way for people to build reactors
Also – if it works – we will then run a separate core in the SiC element that is currently doing a low temp calibration”

Bob said the first test will be the Parkhomov leak test. Not exactly sure when that will begin. The second test is partially dependent on the first.

Anyway, here is the YouTube link:

And below is the video stream:

UPDATE: (Feb 6, 2015) The experiment abruptly ended when there was an explosion in the reactor after it was heated to over 1000 C. You can follow the event at about 1 hour before the end of the video above. Here’s a blurry screenshot of the data:


UPDATE #2: (Feb 6, 2015)

Here’s a higher definition video of the Bang!