New Steorn Hephaheat Teasers [More Pictures]

I try to keep tabs on Steorn, the Irish Company that claim to have developed a means of generating excess (overunity) energy through magnetic interaction — a process they named Orbo.

Steorn’s communication strategy over recent years where they have largely quit making any official public announcements has been to provide teasers via social media, without much in the way of explanation.

Here’s another example. Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy now has as his profile picture on Facebook this photo:


A few days ago, Michael Daly, a former Steorn director who now is a director of Hephaheat Limited, a company that has spun off from Steorn, made this photo his Facebook profile picture:


Daly’s comment about this picture is: “Our water and steam systems are works of art….!!!”

What is HephaHeat then? According to Steorn’s website, it’s a spinoff technology from their work on Orbo — and is described on Steorn’s website as “low frequency induction heating operating on AC line frequency without the need for intervening electronics”, and will be used for water heating products in commercial and domestic industries.

Is HephaHeat overunity? Steorn doesn’t make that claim directly, but on this page they claim to have systems that will be 17 times smaller than traditional water heaters when delivering instantaneous hot water at 38 C (for showering). For ‘instant boiling water’, the ratio is smaller — 4 times smaller than traditional systems.

As usual, there’s very little to go on with Steorn. I’ve always been intrigued  by the company and they are still on my radar as a possible player in a new energy marketplace.

[Update] Thanks to Guru for posting about a new batch of new pictures posted on Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook page, under the heading “A bunch of pictures my daughter took in the office – I think she needs to find better subject matter!”. The pictures seem to be taken at a Steorn Lab.

Here are a couple of examples:

steornlab2The second picture looks like the worker is studying data with a HephaHeat core. (without the shiny cover on)

And today is another tease from McCarthy. This picture with his comment: “What on earth is happening in the office this morning????”


It looks to me like they are doing a photoshoot or video with Brightspark Consulting, an Irish Social Media marketing consultancy.