Proposal to Help Widespread LENR Replication Effort (Svein Utne)

The following comment was made by Svein Utne on this thread. (edited lightly for English language)

What is holding me back from testing a Hot-cat replica is the dangerous powder needed. To order many different components and finding a glove box and fine scale for measuring the different ingredients makes it difficult to get started testing the different combinations needed. If it were possible to order the tube mixed with the combination I was interested in testing, it would make the hurdle for starting LENR research much lower.

I think a person with access to a lab with a fine scale and glove box could make good money in providing the tubes files with 3-5 different metal powders and sealed. The cost of this could be less than $10 and he could sell it for $100.

I have worked in a lab with scales with accuracy down to 1/100 mg and it takes some time to get the last 1/10 of the mg right, but if he could do it the other way, just follow the request down to the nearest mg and just right down what the actual amount is, then it will only take 1 minute per ingredients or 5 minute in total to fill the tube.

If he also could put on the resistor and thermocouple and put cement on it all, it would be nice, but that could be and option that cost extra. If he then makes 6 till 10 tubes in one hour, he could make $500 per hour.

If we work as a community and then report on the result with the different combinations of ingredients, we could advance much faster that one individual lab.

After some time this might be so profitable that several person might offer these services and this will give competition and hopefully drive the price down. Therefore, I urge the one with access to a lab to get started as soon as possible; the high profit will be in the beginning.