Commercialization of Cold Fusion/LENR has Begun (Rossi Confirms Customer using E-Cat in Production)

Normally when Andrea Rossi talks about the 1 MW plant currently in production testing, he couches it in ‘results could be positive or negative’ terms, and talks about being hopeful and his team working well and working hard, but leaves room open for interpretation as to exactly what is going on, often saying he can’t give details until the current test run is over.

However, today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he gave some straight answers to some direct questions which, if taken at face value, mean that the commercialization of LENR/cold fusion is upon us.

JC Renoir posted these questions, and Rossi provided the answers.

Q: Can you say now if the 1 MW plant is working? A: Yes

Q: Is it already producing heat in the factory of the Customer? A: Yes

Q: Is the Customer making its production using the heat made by the 1 MW plant? A: Yes

These are unequivocal answers, and significant ones, I think. If the E-Cat is providing useful energy in the production process of a customer, then a milestone has been met. Using the E-Cat commercially has been Andrea Rossi’s goal from the very beginning of his work in the field. To have an interesting discovery without a practical application for it, is not terribly useful in terms of helping the human race.

As I have mentioned recently here, Andrea Rossi has developed a good track record over the years of delivering on what he says. I don’t expect everyone to take Rossi’s word about this, and we have precious few details about what production process is involved here, but personally, I have no problem accepting what he says here as being reliable, and therefore I say congratulations to Andrea Rossi!