Indian News Reports: Scientists Claim Cold Fusion is Real

Thanks to Veblin for sharing these links.

There is a news article published today in two Indian news outlets — one on the Zee News website, the other on the Daijiworld portal — written by Killugudi Jayaraman, titled “Cold fusion is real, scientists claim.”

[UPDATE: Thanks to Gerrit for explaining that both these articles originate from IANS – Indo Asian News Service which is a news agency similar to Associated Press. This means the story could get picked up by more news outlets as time goes on. I just noticed that on the IANS main page, this article is listed as an ‘editor’s choice’.]

The article reports on the recent publication of 34 articles on the topic of cold fusion in a special section of the Indian journal Current Science, and quotes a number of scientists from around the world who speak about the importance of pursuing research and development in the field of LENR.

Some quotes from the article:

“What comes out of this review is that the phenomenon of LENR is real and by all accounts appears to have the potential for practical applications in the not-too-distant future . . . It is just a matter four or five years for energy sources based on cold fusion to be commercially available.” — Mahadeva Srinivasan

“More than sufficient evidence now proves that low energy nuclear reactions occur . . . It is to be hoped that with the new knowledge obtained over the last 25 years, more physicists and chemists (and biologists) will recognize something real here and will look for ways of applying their specialties to the expanding field” — Andrew Meulenberg.

While I think the positions taken by the scientists mentioned in this article, and others who authored the articles in the Current Science issue, are still very much in the minority in the scientific community, it seems there continues to be a growing number of serious scientists willing to take the subject seriously.

If commercial success is achieved by Rossi or others, and/or if successful demonstrations of LENR are made public, that number will surely grow — and in time I think it will be impossible to deny that LENR/cold fusion is an important field of research in science and industry.