Regarding Excitation of Electron–Hole Pairs in LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

Lets put some numbers on this concept to make it more understandable.

There is evidence that heat transfers its energy to photons in LENR. The wavelength of Far infrared EMF is about 1 millimeter. We know that the Rossi reactor produces a maximum EMF in the soft X-ray range or an EMF photon in the 10 nanometer range.

In the Ni/H reactor there is a process that increases the energy of the photon from 1 mm to 10 nm.

Since 1 millimeter = 1 000 000 nanometers, there is an energy amplification factor of 100,000.

There is a nano structure that produces this amplification of EMF power by 100,000. We know that when a photon is confined in a nano sized box, that photon will adjust its wavelength to resonate inside that box. The nano box that produces soft x-rays is sized to resonate in the circumference of 10 nanometers. So the nano box has a radius of about 3 nanometers.

The heat energy is converted to dipole vibration by the free electrons on the surface of the metal.

The spin of a dipole electron/photon hybrid or SPP is 2. But the nano box also amplifies this spin by a factor of 100,000 to conserve angular momentum. This is like an ice-skater who pulls in her arms to rotate in a smaller circumference. The tuck in of her arms increases her rotation rate.

For every SPP that goes into the nano-box, its spin is amplified to produce 200,000 Bohr magnetons. That is like having 800,000 magnetized iron atoms for every SPP that the heat photon produces.

When the nano box is filled to the maximum with SPPs, it will explode into a bosenova. At this point, the energy stored in the nano-box is returned to the system. This return happens when the electrons and x-ray photons decouple to produce independent electrons and x-rays. These soft x-rays are seen in many LENR systems such as cavitation, Mills catalysts as black light, and Ni/H reactors.

Because the SPP is a boson, coulomb repulsion does not limit the number of SPPs that can be packed into a nano-box. At this juncture, it is unknown how many SPPs can be packed into a nano-box before it explodes. But the number of SPPs could be very large. You can now see how a very powerful magnetic beam can be generated from heat energy.

The nano-box is a magnetic vortex or soliton because all the SPPs are coherent and form a Bose Einstein condensate. Like a tornado, the soliton focuses the magnetic field produced by the SPPs into a tight spot that shines on the matter near the soliton. This strong magnetic field does unusual things to the matter and space that falls within the influence of this magnetic beam. This concentration of heat energy into a focused magnetic field I believe underpins the nature of LENR.

Axil Axil