Tom Darden of Industrial Heat to Speak at ICCF19

Many thanks to We Want Fusione Fredda for pointing out some new speakers on the ICCF19 program for Monday Morning. Here’s the speaker’s roster for the program on Monday Morning:


The big news to me is that Tom Darden, chairman of Industrial Heat, is going to be stepping in front of an audience at a public meeting to (presumably) talk about the E-Cat.

So far, Industrial Heat has been very quiet in public, and this is a major step to have him show up at a meeting specifically about cold fusion, where I am sure he will be getting lots of attention, and plenty of questions if he has time for them. Andrea Rossi has always declined to participate in these kinds of meeting, which has made him somewhat of an outsider in LENR circles. Perhaps Darden and Industrial Heat have decided it is time to build some bridges and get involved with the community where his company could well be considered the leader in the field.