Alexander Parkhomov Poster Session at ICCF-19 (Video)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing the following video which was uploaded to YouTube by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

This is the poster session at the ICCF-19 conference where Alexander Parkhomov presented his research findings, and answered questions. As you will see from watching the video there was a lot of interest in his presentation from conference attendees who gathered around.

Of course the language barrier makes it rather slow going at times, with a lots of back and forth, and assistance from Bob Greenyer, but with the translators’ help most of the many questions that were put to Parkhomov were dealt with. You’ll see a number of familiar faces in the LENR world paying close attention to the presentation.

Some of the material covered will be familiar to people who have studied his reports but some interesting details about the Parkhomov experiment are covered, such as the thickness of the heater wire used in his latest experiment — which was 0.56 mm. Also in this experiment used a home-built thyristor which provided a pulsed AC current. There were two cubic centimeters of ‘dead space’ empty space in the reactor.