Report on LENR Presentation to Scientists and Engineers (Gerard McEk)

The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk

Already 3 years ago, shortly before my retirement in 2012, I was allowed to give a presentation for my colleagues about LENR. At that time Andrea Rossi’s Hot-cat had not been tested by a third party, but he frequently vaunted his progress on the internet. Brillouin and Defkalion existed and looked promising. Nevertheless there was little hard evidence (except from hearsay) that LENR really had a future for high level energy production. You had to believe Rossi, Godes and the others that they were really making progress.

I worked in the nuclear sector in the Netherlands and my colleagues are highly qualified engineers and scientists. It was difficult to convince them that their future was threatened by this new development in the energy sector.

Now LENR gives me a lot more confidence that something real is going to happen soon. That is for me the reason to actively promote LENR and I am proud to have succeeded in convincing a professor and four university students to do a Hot-Cat replication. Soon they will start to build the reactor and I hope some results can be reported before midsummer.

For the same reason I volunteered also to organize a presentation about LENR for my retired colleagues.
I used the same format for this new presentation as I had used for my colleagues 3 years ago. I hoped for 20 to appear, but 40 turned up on Tuesday, 28th April 2015. The education level of these had a wide range which forced me to keep things relatively simple, but all of them know what isotopes and atoms are.

My presentation started with Fleischmann and Pons and what happened to them. How they were treated and what Eugene Mallove discovered at MIT and how scientists of CERN acted to belittle the discovery of these honest electro-chemists. I continued to explain that further research went underground and that there was build-up an overwhelming and peer reviewed evidence report pile about excess heat, transmutation, tritium and helium production and isotope shift.

Then I obviously mentioned the enormous progress Rossi and others made into the kW and MW powers. I touched the second third party review of the Hot-cat and showed them the power/kg vs. energy/ kg graph and the remarkable isotope shift. This made huge impression on one of the physicists in the group, who asked me later if I wanted to present it as well to a group of retired professors and told him that I would gladly accept this if the formal request would come.

I told my audience about the student group I am coaching for a LENR replication and had a lot of questions about the shown reactor drawing and fuel. At the end we discussed the impact of LENR on the world and on our former company. My two hour presentation was very appreciated and I am awfully pleased that I did it. I hope it will inspire many others to do the same.

Gerard McEk