Rossi on Increasing Power Using Hot Cat Clusters

Andrea Rossi has mentioned a little more about the latest Hot Cat configuration, which seems to have been built following the pattern in the 1 MW plant in which ‘synergy’ has been reached between reactors, thus increasing the overall COP of the plant.

He wrote in one comment:

The Hot Cat modules will too be assembled in clusters to increase the power.

Just to make sure I understood what he meant with this comment, I asked him:

When you say you arrange the Hot Cats in clusters to increase power, are you able to use one Hot Cat reactor to drive another, thus reducing overall energy consumption from the grid?

Rossi responded, “Yes”.

It’s still not clear how these clusters work, and I doubt Rossi will give too much detail at this point, but it seems that Rossi has figured out a way to get reactors to work together somehow — in what he calls a ‘synergistic’ way.

To me, the ability to combine reactors in a cluster seems to be quite a breakthrough for the E-Cat. We don’t know how many reactors comprise a cluster, but the idea of having a chain of reactors feeding one another has been discussed for a long time as a way to reach a very high COP.

If you can use one reactor that is already running at a modest COP, perhaps even running in self sustain mode, to stimulate a reaction in a separate E-Cat reactor — and perhaps there would be more than one reactor involved — the cumulative power needed to get multiple reactors going could be quite small.

Hot Cats run at temperatures high enough to create the high temperature steam needed for efficient electricity, so this apparent clustering breakthrough could be very important for Rossi’s goal of creating electricity competitively.