Domestic Heater E-Cat Photo

Thanks to Lufong for pointing out this picture in the recent USPTO trademark application that was submitted by Andrea Rossi.

On Page 19 there is this statement:

‘March 2, 2015

‘To Whom it May Concern:

‘The attached photo has been made in our laboratory in Miami, Florida, and is related to the domestic heater “E-Cat The New Fire” manufactured by Leonardo Corporation for the climatization of our shop

M.Eng Fulvio Fabiani

Followed by this image:


This could be an interesting photo for replicators to study. I see some similarities to designs shown by some replicators — I am thinking this is a low-temperature E-Cat if it is used for domestic heating. We see a quartz or glass tube and inside I think we can make out a heating element. On each end of the tube are taps that could allow gas inside the reactor. I’m sure there are other clues in there that the replication community could spend a lot of time discussing.

Anyway, it’s an interesting picture — we haven’t seen such a closeup of an E-Cat of this kind before.