MFMP Runs New Live Glowstick Test [Update: Test Ends after Component Failures]

A new live test of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Glowstick reactor has started in California, being run by Alan Goldwater. Earlier this they ran a test on the same reactor that is being tested tonight, but only heated it up to approximately 960 C.

From what I have heard, in this test they will raise the temperature higher — to the levels reached in the test they did in Padua during the ICCF 19 conference, where the reactor reached over 1300 C. It’s going to take many hours before they reach those temperatures, but it will be interesting to follow the progress of this test on the livestream below.

Alan said this about the reactor before the test began:

“After reconnecting the data system, I find that the fuelled reactor still had 13 psi of positive pressure after sitting idle for 28 days. The pressure was 32 psi at the start of this period, so there has been some permeation into the Alumina and/or continued absorption by the fuel. ”

Livestream #1

Livestream #2

Livestream #3

Livestream #4

UPDATE: The test has ended. Here is Alan Goldwater explaining what happened.

“The thermocouple finally failed at 18:00 UTC and appears to have fried the input side of the HUGnetLab board and possibly the PID controller as well. So obviously the test was stopped at that point.”

“After everything cools down, I’ll do some surgical disassembly (hammer and chisel) to see what caused it. The cell will be further disassembled later to extract the fuel for analysis, and the data file will be posted for analysis by the crowd. Thanks for watching!”