Live Experiment from Denis Vasilenko (AKA Firax Tech) — (UPDATE #3 May 24 Test Ends with Indication of a Possible LENR Event)

A new LENR Experiment has been started by Denis Vasilenko, aka Firax Tech. He writes that this experiment is designed to test his quartz reactor for hydrogen leaks.

In this thread on the LENR-Forum, Denis describes his reactor:

​Features a small tube: quartz, external diameter – 6.1mm, 3.8mm internal diameter, length – 13.5mm
It features a large tube: quartz, external diameter – 10mm inner diameter – 7.6mm, length – 20mm.
Spiral – Nichrome, 100 turns, the thickness of 0.5mm, 6 ohms.
Fuel – 500 mg nickel, 35mg – LiAlH4.

Here’s a picture of the reactor (more images can be seen here:!OYI1zDoK!3Z5ICjog31VQeYKcf8Cn9Q)


Live video showing the measurement instruments can be seen below:

The round dial is the manometer showing pressure; the red display is the temperature; the display on the lower left is current, and the display on the lower right is the voltage.

UPDATE #2 (May 24, 2015)

A new test by Denis Vasilenko has just begun today. In this test he is using a ceramic reactor in the style of Alexander Parkhomov, instead of the quartz used in the previous one. There are actually two reactors being used in this experiment: one fueled, and one unfueled (the control). A live video stream is embedded below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

There is live chat with the video, and Denis is participating (his name there is Firax Tech)

Spreadsheet with live updated data is available here:

UPDATE #3 (May 26, 2015) The test is over, ending with a meltdown of some kind of the fueled reactor.

At around 5:45:30 on the Part 5 video, you begin to hear a buzzing noise, and the the fueled reactor burns more brightly — at the same time the unfueled reactor goes dim.

The meters are hard to read during this episode, but I can make out the fueled temperature at one point reaches 1300 while the unfueled temperature drops into the 800 C range.

So to me, if you combine both the meter readings, and the visual evidence, there does seem to have been an unusual event take place — abeit very briefly. Of the live tests by replicators we have seen so far, to me, this one seems to be the one that has best evidence of showing an LENR event taking place.

Pictures of the reactor in the aftermath of the test can be seen in this folder (thanks artefact):!mBAwTCLI!A7g5i8LjxdPZdsoZjXCBWQ

Here’s a closeup of the fueled reactor: