ECW Think Tank: How do you see Nations Reshaping Because of LENR in Next 50 Years? (Bachcole)

As many people mention here and elsewhere these days, even though we are in a stage of research and development, there’s an incredible potential behind the LENR technology we follow here.

We spend a lot of time looking at technical details and specific experiments these days — which I think is very important in trying to understand what we are dealing with — but I think it is important to keep our eyes on the big picture, which potentially is the transformation of the way energy is produced, and all the ramifications of the availability of abundant, inexpensive clean energy created in an entirely new and currently (to mainstream science) inexplicable way.

So in addition to keeping up with current news, I’d like to add some more ‘big picture’ posts where we can explore issues and questions that deal with future implications of LENR technology in a variety of contexts. I’m calling this project the ECW Think Tank — a way to put our collective heads together on the broad subject of LENR.

Please feel free to suggest questions to explore — you can use the Submit Post link at the top of the page.

For this thread, here’s a question posed by Bachcole (Roger Bird): “How do you see the world’s nations reshaping themselves because of the impact of LENR over the next 50 years or so?”

Think away!