Transition off Fossil Fuels (Art Hunter)

The following post was submitted by Art Hunter

Alternate non-fossil fuel energy forms have been around for as long as our historical records go, so wind and solar are certainly not new. Humanity has been functioning in a mixed energy generation environment for this same period of time, so the so-called “Transition off Fossil Fuels” is not new either.

It is instead part of a continuing cycle. Certainly it is disruptive to the dominant fossil fuels that have expanded over the last 100 years to be an integral part of the world’s economy. With the advent of LENR this present mix of energy sources will get another new generator.

This one however is going to be a major disruption over the next decades but I don’t see it as destabilizing the world order any more than it is destabilized right now. It shall most certainly be a major factor, particularly in OPEC and other countries that depend on oil revenues (taxes, royalties, other income) for their survival. They will be hit the hardest but the rest of the world will smoothly integrate the new LENR generators along with other new energy technologies in the same way nuclear fission, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind turbines and others have been brought into service.

In fact, I predict that the economics of power generation for buildings, transport and other sectors will pick the winners for a particular global location and needs. The world will evolve in an orderly way and will be a much more equitable place particularly for the developing world.

Art Hunter