Norman Cook on the Lattice Representation of the Nucleus and LENR (Video)

This might be of interest to readers here — and thanks for Joseph Fine for sharing this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Dr. Norman Cook, who has collaborated with Andrea Rossi on the recently published paper “On the Nuclear Mechanisms Underlying the Heat Production by the E-Cat” has created a short video which is an entry for a competition sponsored by the The Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi).

Following an explanation of the lattice model of the nucleus, he ends with an interesting statement:

“So there you have it, there is a geometry to the atomic nucleus. But ask any university professor who teaches nuclear structure theory about nuclear stereo chemistry, and he will tell you that the lattice representation of the nucleus is wrong for so many reasons that he doesn’t know where to start. He might even mumble something about “phantasmogorically frivolous puffery”. But I would suggest that the future already belongs to those studying low energy nuclear reactions in light of the geometry of quantum mechanics.”

The video is below.