Rossi Triggered the Giants? (Mentions Meeting with Boeing and Airbus)

We don’t know very much about who Andrea Rossi, Industrial Heat, and their associates have been talking to over the years, and I think that’s understandable when it comes to business meetings. We know from Mats Lewan’s book An Impossible Invention, that there was a lot of communication between Rossi and NASA back in 2011 before the October 2011 demonstration of the 1 MW plant, and for a time it seemed that NASA would buy an E-Cat plant — but the deal fell through when Rossi would not agree to certain NASA demands about getting full disclosure of technical information before a sale was made.

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Rossi has mentioned two more organizations he has had talks with — that I was not aware of until now. A reader mentioned to him that Boeing has patented a design for a fission-fusion jet engine (see here), and Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
July 15th, 2015 at 9:16 AM
Gianino Ferro Casagrande:
Thank you for the interesting information. This is the answer of BOEING to AIRBUS. Maybe a coincidence that I had important meetings with both 2-3 years ago in the USA and in Italy. As I said, our work has triggered the giants.
Warm Regards,

It’s not possible for us to know how much Airbus (who has recently filed an LENR patent) or Boeing now, have been influenced by meetings with him, or studying his work. I do think it’s fair to say that the resurgence of interest in LENR/cold fusion recent years can be certainly credited in large part to Rossi’s E-Cat — which has held out the promise of moving LENR into real world applications. I hope that at some point more of the inside story will be be revealed — so we can learn better about how this fascinating time of history has developed. I find it interesting from a human, scientific an technological point of view.

UPDATE: A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics posted that the Boeing patent had nothing to do with the E-Cat or Hot Cat. Andrea Rossi responded:

To be more precise: the patent application of BOEING is based on the hot fusion system whose R&D is on course in the USA by the DOE, the name of the concern is NIF and the realization is of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It is based on the implosion caused by series of lasers on a pellet of condensed hydrogen. In a nutshell, the explosion caused by multiple lasers focused on the same target makes the recoil energy compress the core of the hydrogen pallet ( the target) to values of pressure able to make the fusion . The hydrogen of the pallet is a mixture of the isotopes deuterium and tritium. As a matter of fact, this patent application is based upon a phenomenon that has been supposed, but never obtained, so far,albeit funded by billions of dollars. Nevertheless, I insist: this animation around the fusion possible applications has been triggered by the apparently successful work of us, or at least this is my opinion, that, obviously, can be wrong (F9).
By the way: the more I try to find the inventive content of this application, the more I get confused, since the mechanism has been invented by the LLNL, the Jet has ben invented 60 years ago…
This looks to me more as an assembly of inventions fished from prior art, than an invention: with all the reverence due to BOEING.
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