History Being Made As We Speak?

We’re in a strange situation. In some ways Andrea Rossi is hiding in plain sight. He’s telling us a lot of what he’s doing, without fear of getting too much attention, because very few people with influence believe what he says.

Let’s take this quote by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today for example.

“The 1 MW E-Cat is an industrial plant, already in operation in the factory of a Customer and producing energy for an industrial activity, not for laboratory R&D: this, in itself, is an important achievement, because it is the first time in History that a plant with this kind of technology is put at work in a productive concern.”

Speaking for myself, I don’t doubt what he’s saying. But setting aside what Andrea Rossi says, this information has basically been confirmed. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has reported that it has received independent confirmation from someone who has personally been at the plant that it is working. There have been other such reports from Mats Lewan and Torkel Nyberg (possibly getting their information from the same source). So it does seem to be the case that the E-Cat plant is doing its job somewhere in the United States.

I see this a tremendous milestone, and it should be highly beneficial for the company cutting its fuel bills. However for those who want to see viable LENR in the marketplace, we have to wait for out-in-the-open on-the-record confirmation of the performance of the plant, and we won’t see that until the test is over.

So we’re kind of in a strange state of limbo at the moment. A huge majority of the world’s population know nothing about this technology, and of those who have heard about it only a small minority are taking it seriously. I reckon only a relatively few people seriously believe what Rossi reports. Until the plant is unveiled I don’t think that will change too much.

BTW, by my calculations, Friday of this week should be the half-way point of the 350 day test of the 1 MW plant.