A New Secret Sauce (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil



A novel model for the interpretation of the unidentified infrared (UIR) bands from interstellar space: deexcitation of Rydberg Matter.

I have been looking for ways to optimize production of Rydberg matter whose generation is described by Lief Holmlid in the reference above and except below.

We now report on a model in which all UIR bands are due to electronic deexcitation in the condensed phase named Rydberg Matter. This type of very low density condensed matter is formed by condensation of Rydberg states of almost any type of atom or small molecule, in space mainly hydrogen atoms and molecules. The intial formation of Rydberg states is due to desorption of alkali atoms from surfaces of small particles, especially carbon particles. This desorption can be caused by radiation or moderate heat and gives long lived circular Rydberg states. Rydberg Matter can be produced in macroscopic quantities in the laboratory.

To meet this method of Rydberg matter production using carbon based generation capability as suggested about, I looked for a chemical compound that would be superior to (LAH; Lithium tetrahydridoaluminate) that contained carbon, an alkali metal. and hydrogen. I assumed that replacing aluminum with carbon would make a better catalyst for producing Rydberg matter. My search for a replacement led to two alkkali compounds in the same family as follows:

lithium hydrogen acetylide Li HC2
potassium hydrogen acetylide KHC2


When these acetylides are heated, hydrogen is released, then the alkali metel is released from the carbon as the temperature rises. After the release of hydrogen, potassium/lithium carbide is formed. Potassium carbide was the active LENR material in the DGT reaction. This stuff was used in miners’ lanterns to produce illuminating gas when water was added.

As a disclaimer, I am not a chemist, so I don’t know the toxicity and explosion risks of these compounds. Please help here. IMHO, to test the Rydberg matter cause of LENR, a series of tests using one or both of these acetylide based compounds might be worth a try.