Isotopic Analysis of Fuel and Ash after 72-Hour Experiment (Songsheng Jiang)

The following post has been received from Songsheng Jiang, a LENR researcher at the China Institute of Atomic Research in response to a question I sent regarding his thoughts on the recently approved E-Cat patent of Andrea Rossi.

Dear Frank,

I have read Andrea Rossi’s recently approved patent, and also noticed the composition of Rossi’s fuel ( 50% nickel, 20% lithium and 30% LAH), and that nickel acts as a catalyst for the reaction and is not itself a reagent.

The things are quite different from early statements by Rossi, and the 2014 Lugano report. However, the lithium as a fuel reagent supports our recent experimental result. We have carefully carried out isotopic analysis for the fuel samples before and after the experiment in May using ICPMS.

About 3% low ratio of 6Li/7Li is found after the 72-hour experiment, the data uncertainty is better than 0.1%. However, no  different ratios are found for all nickel isotopic ratios within uncertainty for samples before and after experiment (see attachment below). The results of isotopic analysis in the Lugano report are completely different from ours. Our ICPMS result shows that lithum-6 probably is an important reagent, but not lithium7. Further experimentation will follow our own idea and experimental result.



Best regards,

Songsheng Jiang