David Daggett of Phonon Energy Presents on LENR at SAE Aerospace Conference

Thanks to AlainCo who has posted on the LENR Forum a slideshow by David Daggett of Phonon Energy Inc. which was presented on September 23 at the SAE 2015 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition in Seattle, Washigton.

The slideshow can be seen here: http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Attachment/375-SAE-LENR-pdf/?s=8dab120afb21970ef4372083b43536171c9991c2

David Daggett’s presentation was oral only, but the slideshow indicates that he gave an overview of LENR, and then moved into a discussion of possible applications of LENR in the aerospace sector. Some of the slide captions:

“Electric aircraft motor studies will support LENR-powered architectures”

“Electric propulsion will allow a plethora of aircraft designs for reduced noise and improved environmental performance”

“LENR is: • Promising • An Enabling Technology • Economically Game-Changing”

Here’s an image from the slideshow of a conceptual aircraft engine powered by LENR:

And an photo of Phonon’s own test rig:


There’s no data in the slideshow from Phonon’s own testing, but AlainCo has been in touch with David Daggett and says that they have been getting: “claiming modest, promising and genuine results.”