Fulvio Fabiani on Andrea Rossi

Fulvio Fabiani is Andrea Rossi’s right-hand man when it comes to engineering connected with the E-Cat. I understand that he’s worked particularly on the E-Cat’s electronics and control systems. He has worked for a number of years with Rossi, first in Italy and now in the United States where he is working inside the containers where the 1 MW E-Cat plant is going through its long term testing. I presume he’s also involved in the development of the E-Cat X.


Fulvio Fabiani — Source: Andrea-Rossi.com

He recently joined the Facebook group Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi where he has made some comments about his work, and about Andrea Rossi, his boss. Here are some excerpts:

“for everything to do with all the news, you need to wait for Rossi to make public on his blog scientific.
I have an agreement of non-disclosure to the information relevant to the project ECAT.”


If you are courteous, I try to answer without disclosing sensitive information or under industrial secret.

I hope not to be too tight, but if I can’t answer I will call your attention with an animated icon.

If it is accepted you will find me here always to read and respond to it (sometimes..).

Unfortunately someone in a previous post has already started to not understand the difference between a simple question and a continuous demand of intimidation in order to misrepresent the work of a person who I consider a genius (Andrea Rossi, and I assure you one day you too will understand all of which level is the mind of this man).

Thank you again for the welcome and I hope to meet you all in person some day in the future

[…] [AR] is a man who has overcome many limitations, the most important of all the limits of thought, which many scientists still.


Only passion, concentration, insight, superior intelligence can lead to extraordinary results.

It’s clear that Fulvio Fabiani is not going to be revealing any sensitive information on Facebook, but I do find it interesting that he has chosen to publicly join the LENR group and interact with people there. It’s also clear that he holds Andrea Rossi in very high esteem, which is not terribly surprising if all that Rossi has been talking about on the JONP and elsewhere is true.

If the E-Cat is all we have been told, Mr. Fabiani will have been in a unique position in history, working side by side with Andrea Rossi, working on the E-Cat’s development and playing an important role in this technology coming to light.