New Paper by Moscow State University Team Confirms Rossi and Parkhomov Experiments in Nickel-LAH System (Update: English Translation by Bob Higgins Available)

Many thanks to Peter Gluck for forwarding this paper to me.

UPDATE (Oct 4, 2015) : A big thank you to Bob Higgins for putting in the time and effort to make this English language translation of the paper which can be found at this link:

It is a paper published in Russian on the International Journal of Unconventional Science website written by I.N. Stepanov, Y.I. Malakhov and Chi Nguyen Quoc. I am using Google Translate along with a little of my own editing for my translation of this article, so there are bound to be some mistakes, but the translated title is “Experiment registering excess allocation of thermal energy in a cell, loaded with a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride”

A link to the original document is here:

Below is a Google translation into English of the title and abstract which are admittedly rough. Go to the original article for the images.

c Association of Unconventional Science, 2015

Experiment registering excess allocation of thermal energy in the cell, loaded with a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride

IN Stepanov 1, YI Malakhov 2, Chi Nguyen Quoc 2


Abstract-In this paper describes the experimental setup, methodology for assessing the energy in a small volume of the heat cell, loaded with a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride. Confirming the results obtained previously by Andrea Rossi AG Parkhomov that under certain conditions in the cell takes excess energy, ie, the amount of heat release exceeds input.

One key point regarding power in/out. For one experiment they report:

“With an average temperature D inside the heat cell 1100◦C released thermal power generator was 2100 W at water flow rate Q = 1 l / min and a constant input power to the heater 850 watts. COP Coefficient
wherein close to 2.47.”

Interesting and helpful that flow calorimetry was used in this test.

I have been told that a full translation into English is underway by Bob Higgins. I think it’s better to wait for that than to try my own — as this is quite a complex document and Google gives some strange translations.



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