Rossi Promises a Revolution in the Production System (Larry Jameson)

The following post was submitted by Larry Jameson

A comment and response from the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday:

Dr Andrea Rossi:

The National Research Laboratory of the US Navy has published a report in which implies you are the leader of the LENR and cites a long list of potential future competitors of Leonardo Corp. Which of the list you think is more likely to be able to compete with you in the future?
Thank you,

Andrea Rossi
October 3rd, 2015 at 4:42 PM

As you know, I never comment the work of our real or virtual competitors. Obviously we will have competitors: this is the reason why I will put Leonardo’s products on the market only when our production will have the economy scale necessary to make close to impossible, if not totally impossible, compete with us. You have no idea what I am inventing (F9). It will be a revolution in the production system.

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F9 – refers to Rossi’s standard disclaimer which is “if the results of the one year test are positive but could also be negative”.

Rossi’s Blog:

I wonder what he might mean by this. Is he referring to flooding the market with his tech or is he referring to some new pricing model for energy or is he referring to possible direct electricity production from the E-Cat X

It sounds exciting whatever it is, almost diabolical, mwah ha ha!

Larry Jameson