New Experiment From me356 With New Reactor Design Using Nickel Wire, LAH (Test Restarted, Oct 16th))

Following the experiment the Rossi patent recipe, which did not produce excess heat, me356 has started a new experiment using a reactor of a different design which uses nickel wire as the nickel source, and LiAlH4 (lithium aluminum hydride) as the hydrogen source.

UPDATE: Thanks to Barty for posting that me356 has restarted his test today. Live data can be followed here:

Me356 is making some comments on the LENR-Forum on this thread:

Here are some pictures from the MFMP Facebook page here:


On the LENR-Forum here, me356 writes:

“I am doing experiment right now, it is running for few hours and it looks that there is excess heat for long time.

With increasing temperature/pressure excess heat is higher. This is second time that I have achieved it with very similar results.

Unfortunately COP at the moment is roughly 1,1 only so still we can account it to a various factors.
It is very stable and pressure is holding well.”

The experiment can be followed live at the link below.