“LENR — From Experiment to Theory” (Paper by Jean-Francois Geneste, Airbus Group)

A paper has been posted on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook page titled “LENR — From Experiment to Theory” by Jean-Francois Geneste, of the Airbus Group, which I assume has been presented at the conference that was hosted by Airbus in Toulouse, France this week.

Here’s a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_tFmz65k8BUGc3Um92SF9xSUozbGM5ZDFIWXpRLUViMmZB/view

A quick review of the paper indicates that Geneste’s paper is based on experiments that were conducted by Leonid Urustkoev, who was trying to understand the cause of the 1986 explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine. According to Geneste’s paper, Urustkoev generated high energy discharges into titanium foil that was isolated in bi-distilled water. These experiments produced powders. After 24 hours, ‘strange’ traces began to show up on X-ray film placed near receptacles holding the powders.

It is these strange traces that have motivated JF Geneste to develop a new theory that he thinks may provide an understanding of what is happening in LENR reactions. From the paper:

In the end, as a conclusion of this paragraph and the preceding one, if there are LENR reactions, they must come from dissymmetry and must involve the “glue” of the nucleus and the neutrons. It cannot come from elsewhere a priori except if we considered other dissymmetrical particles. Moreover, as suggested by Descartes and Einstein, there is an aether which is made of infinitesimal size particles which can interact with the ones making our scale particles. The reader should not be afraid of the existence of such an aether who he could think has been shown not to exist during the 20th century. Indeed, because of its very nature, it does not contradict any known experiment of physics which was achieved up to today on the one hand and it has not been studied by physicists because the mathematics it needs are considered as “exotic” even by the mathematicians themselves



We started from the experiment and interpreted the results through a new theory which we believe is much more adapted to describe physical phenomena than orthodox physics today. We believe that such an interpretation paves the way for explaining many of the phenomena observed by the LENR community over the world. Moreover, and this will be my very conclusion, if things happen at the infinitesimal scale as we suggested, this can explain why the LENR community has a lot of difficulty in reproducing its experiments reliably. It does not mean it is not possible, it only means that we need a breakthrough in the experimental approach.

I am not able to make any kind of judgment about this theory, but its interesting to see another proposal from someone in a professional position at a major corporation. It would seem that LENR is getting an increased amount of attention from people of influence.