Rossi: Ash Sample Size from Lugano Test ‘Not Representative’ of Whole Charge

Here’s an interesting comment from Andrea Rossi regarding the sample of fuel that was taken for analysis from the spent fuel (ash) used in the Lugano test E-Cat reactor. A number of people have commented that the sample size was too small to be representative of the makeup of the fuel used in the reactor, and on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today a Øystein Lande asked Rossi what his thoughts were on the subject.

Dear Mr. Rossi

Have you concluded If the 0,2% Ash sample analysed in the Lugano test was representative for the whole reactor core, or did some isotopic separation occur, that made the Ash sample not representative?

Andrea Rossi
October 18th, 2015 at 10:06 AM
Oeystein Lande:
I concluded that the 0.2% ash sample of the charge was not representative for the whole charge, as you can read also in the Cook Rossi paper published on Arxiv.
Warm Regards,

Following the publication of the Lugano report Rossi expressed surprise about the results of the isotopic analysis. He said at the time: “the results from the test have gone well Beyond what we found before during our internal R&D.” It sounds like the discrepancies have led Rossi to conclude that the sample size taken by the testing team at the conclusion of the test was not large enough.