Saipem (Italian Oil and Gas Giant) Senior Scientist on E-Cat (Greenwin)

Thanks to Greenwin for this comment about one presentation made at the Airbus conference last week.

As noted last week metallurgy expert, Jacques Ruer, Deputy Director of Technology with oil and gas giant Saipem SA, presented a paper at the Airbus Group conference titled “Analysis of the Potential Thermal Behavior of the Energy Catalyzer as Described in the Patent US 9,115,913 B1”

The paper analyzes the early water-cooled example of E-Cat (circa 2011) along with details from the patent.

Here’s the Abstract:

A US patent granted on August 25, 2015 describes the basic features of the so-called Energy Catalyzer invented by Andrea Rossi. This device is made of an assembly of layers of different materials. The active layers contain a mix of powders of nickel, lithium, and lithium aluminum hydride. They are sandwiched between steel sheets. An electrical resistor provides initial heating. The energy produced is removed on the end faces of the assembly by a cooling fluid. Assuming that the active mixture releases some heat at high temperature as claimed in the patent, the purpose of the paper is toanalyze the stability conditions of the device. During operation, the temperature must be maintained within a given range in order to avoid a thermal runaway or extinction. A simulation of the heat flow across the assembly is presented. It makes it possible to show the role of the different parameters of
the system.

While Ruer cautions his paper is based on assumptions and hypotheses derived from the patent, and his simulation results are only illustrative, he writes the following:

“The coefficient of performance (COP) increases with the temperature and becomes infinite for the critical temperature. This general behavior was already described by Storms to explain the operation mode of the E-Cat [5]. This paper adds some details. Figure 8 reproduces the figure from this author, together with his explanations. The present analysis confirms the conclusion of Storms.”

It is also instructive to note author Ruer is a senior scientist with Saipem SA, with 35 years engineering experience. Saipem SA employs 50k people worldwide and had revenues of €12.256 billion in 2013.