New Report: Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions (“We Ignore This New Capability at our Technological, Environmental and Commercial Peril”)

Thanks to Gerard McEk and AlainCo for bringing my attention to a publication titled “Condensed Matter Nuclear Science” published in October, 2015.

The authors of the report are Pamela A. Mosier-Boss (US Navy SPAWAR-Pacific, San Diego, CA) and Lawrence P. Forsley (JWK Corporation, Annandale, VA Global Energy Corporation, San Diego, CA University of Texas, Austin, Austin, TX).

The document is described as a “Synopsis of Refereed Publications on Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions” and can be accessed here:

Here is the conclusion from the Executive Summary of the document:

“This comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed papers clearly defines the existence of, and many of the parameters associated with, condensed matter nuclear science. The palladium/deuterium co-deposition protocol has shown itself to be robust, replicable and repeatable. As such, it provides an accessible doorway to investigate this novel, nuclear phenomena.”

“It has the promise of controllable nuclear reactions without ionizing radiation; compact, green nuclear energy sources and a means to remediate existing nuclear waste. We ignore this new capability at our technological, environmental and commercial peril.”

This would seem to be an excellent reference that could be used to share with people who are looking for studies in the peer-reviewed literature that validate the reality of LENR phenomenon. It seems, however, that another acronym could be used as an alternative now: CMNR.