Rossi’s ‘Dream’ — Following the Automotive Industry Model

Here’s a quote from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding what he sees as being the more difficult work before him, if he can make it successfully through the current test on the 1 MW E-Cat plant:

“It is obvious that the sole real thing that will dissipate any doubt about a product is the product itself. Until we will not have diffused in the market our product anybody can doubt whatever he wants and maybe he is right. We are working hard to arrive to the product massively diffused in the market, but we need to complete the tests and after the tests, if they will confirm positive results, we will have to make an even harder work to pass from reactors handmade in a small factory to a major producing company.”

When Rossi speaks about creating “a major producing company,” it makes me think of industry giants who produce major pieces of industrial equipment such as tubines, trucks, cars, pumps, etc.

Rossi has spoken before about having arranged outsourcing of components for E-Cats to various industrial operators, and so I asked Rossi on the JONP if he envisioned his new company as being like current automakers who have factories “where parts manufactured by outside suppliers are shipped to the factory where the assembly of the final product takes place?” Rossi replied: “This is my dream…”

If Rossi is going to build E-Cat plants on a massive scale — and not simply license his technology to existing companies — it is going to require creating a new industrial powerhouse from scratch. No wonder he sees it as being harder work than what he is doing now.